Donation Opportunities

If unable to attend the benefit, friends and fellow alumni of Brenna’s may contribute directly to the "The Brenna Lawrence Endowed Scholarship Fund" at Catawba.  You can send a check for any amount to:

  • mail to:
    • Brent and Jackie Lawrence
      404 Thornwood Dr.
      Jamestown, NC  27282
  • Or,  mail to:
    • Dr. Ken Clapp, Catawba College,
      Brenna Lawrence Scholarship Fund
      2300 West Innes Street,
      Salisbury, NC. 28144.
  • Or go online at Catawba College,
    • You may also make a contribution online by visiting the college website at and
    • selecting the “Make a Gift” link.
    • Under the heading "Gift Designation:"  
    • Select "Named Endowment Fund (specify below)"
    • then type "The Brenna Lawrence Endowed Scholarship Fund ".
  • Or, go to:
    GoFundMe Brenna Lawrence Endowed Memorial Scholarship Fund


Please make checks payable to Catawba College.  Your contribution will be acknowledged and is tax-deductible.  Please indicate the check to benefit the Brenna Lawrence Scholarship Fund.

  December 1st 2005 we have started two new fundraising activities:

  1. Online Magazine sale fundraiser.  We make 40% of the sale.  To look at our great 625 magazine selection click here:    If this “Shop for Magazines” shortcut does not work then please visit our website.  Also, you get a free movie ticket when you order.
  2. Google-Ads at this website and at our sister site  Please visit Clean Your Hands.  You will find very useful information about your own safety from this website, and very useful information from the Google Ads.  We are paid on a price per click basis.  Please do not click to artificially drive up revenues.