Phil Morgan

We thought we had met all the colorful characters around Seagrove until we walked into Phil's shop. We had the opportunity in hearing some of his philosophy when he was speaking to a customer and we were browsing in his shop. I even butted in their conversation and was welcomed. I have to tell you I really liked Phil. I only got to spend a half hour in his shop but I am certainly going to revisit. I don't know Phil well enough to describe him this way, but am reminded of Quint the shark hunter from Jaws. 

From the moment you step into Phil's shop you know you have just set foot in a unique potters shop. He prides himself in casting colors that others cannot duplicate. In fact, the piece that he donated to Brenna's Benefit is a color that no one else has. This piece is a pale green crystalline. I know I have said this before but Wow, Wow, Wow. 

Phil was also the inspiration for the note I posted on this website in the Donors pages. He said he is always reluctant to donate because of two things. 1) Sometimes silent auction items sell for pennies on the dollar. I don't remember his exact words, but it hurts his feelings to have his pieces sell so undervalued. and 2) Other charitable organizations beat a path to his door after attending a silent auction. He was not the only one to voice these opinions and we respect his wishes and the other potters in Seagrove that feel the same way. Don't get me wrong we found the potters in Seagrove to be a very caring and generous group. I don't want to diminish anything about the potters. I just think that sometimes we need to give quiet respect to independent shops like this that are still willing to donate their hard work.

In short, go see Phil.

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