the Mystery Potter

We walked in to this little shop somewhere near Seagrove, he was wearing a Goshin-Do Karate tee shirt. I knew I had found a kindred spirit. I was also a member at the Sensei Ralph Porfilio Goshin-Do in Greensboro. He had been a member and stopped when he got married, but went on studying other martial arts forms, a little closer to home. He has a smile that you know is genuine. I believe him to be a man's man and he says what he thinks and does what he thinks. You can like it or not, we both liked it.

He gave us this whimsical piece after asking us what was Brenna's favorite color. This creature is a beautiful blue crystalline glaze. He also donated to us because of his familiarity with Catawba College. He made us promise not to tell anyone that he had donated. We respect his request and that is why we did not tell you the name of his shop, or his real name. He would not even accept a donation receipt.  He said that when he donates it is from the heart not from the pocketbook.  Seagrove filled with such colorful characters, you got to love 'em.

I challenge you to go to Seagrove and find this mystery potter. 

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