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PLEASE REFRESH this page:  items submitted as of 7/8/2005.  We have much more, but I have not had time to post them.  Check back every couple of days and I'll update the items.  So far I have only posted the Pottery Items from the Seagrove area.

Please click on the image to see information (and sometimes a story) about each piece.  You might have to refresh this page to get the latest photos.

      Navajo Navajo 

Paquime ceramic


Certified Etching   Etching Certified Antique Austrian Coffee  Chintz Individual Tea Set  Fostoria Crystal Morning Glory Set 

   Crystal vase  Mahogany    Antique Tea Pot  Etching - The Guardian  Tiffany feeding flamingos  Tiffany Tree of Life  Panel   Zaki 6x9 hand woven dhpur  Zaki 9x12 hand woven dhurrie  Zaki 6x9 dhurrie Holder18kt silver pearl earring CZ 24kt over silver Jack Cecil vase William Magnum print pearl post earrings turquoise sterling shadowbox