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Welcome to Spreading Wings

Spreading Wings was founded to create a scholarship fund at Catawba College as a memorial to Brenna Lee Lawrence.  We have an annual fundraiser to feed the scholarship fund.  The annual event is always held in the July the first weekend after July 14th.  The 2019 date is July 20th.

Benefits for the Brenna Lawrence Endowed Scholarship are resuming in 2019.  

  The Brenna Lawrence Endowed Scholarship established at the Lilly Center For Vocation And Values.  

rococo_new.gif  TOTAL SCHOLARSHIP OVER $44,000  rococo_new.gif

This scholarship has been established by Brenna's parents, friends and classmates to honor the memory of Brenna Lee Lawrence.  Brenna was a member of the Catawba 2002 class.  The donors have stipulated that the scholarship shall be awarded to students who embody the high moral values, the zest for life and the commitment to service to others exemplified in Brenna's life.  Therefore, the following guidelines shall govern the awarding of this scholarship.

  • recipients shall be residents of Guilford County, North Carolina
  • recipients shall have demonstrated a commitment to pursue a vocation that will involve service to others and shall participate in the Center for Vocation Year of Inquiry program as a means clarifying and confirming such a vocation.
  • recipients shall have demonstrated a commitment to high standards of moral values and a willingness to share this commitment with others.

This scholarship will be administered by the Lilly Center for Vocation and Values at Catawba College and recipients will be encouraged to participate in annual fund raising efforts to increase the corpus of the scholarship.

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December 1st 2005 we have started two new fundraising and continue to today :

  1. Online Magazine sale fundraiser.  We make 40% of the sale.  To look at our great 625 magazine selection click here:    If this “Shop for Magazines” shortcut does not work then please visit our website.  Also, you get a free movie ticket when you order.
  2. Google-Ads at this website and at our sister site CleanYourHands.org.  Please visit Clean Your Hands.  You will find very useful information about your own safety from this website, and very useful information from the Google Ads.  We are paid on a price per click basis.  Please do not click to artificially drive up revenues.  



The first year July 2004
we hosted a Casino Night at the Lawrence's house.  Activities included:  Karaoke, Black Jack, Craps, Roulette and other self managed card games.  We all had a good time and we raised $3,379 towards the endowed scholarship.  We could not have done this without the support and sponsorship from local businesses and the important personal contributions from private donors.   see 2004 Benefit
2005 was an even better event than 2004.  Donors and Sponsors have been very generous.  We raised over $7,000 at this event.  This year we also hosted the event at the Lawrence's property and had a new agenda.  We served 150 lbs of smoked beef Brisket and chicken.  Be sure and click on the links below for detailed information and pictures of items that were placed in the Silent Auction.  see 2005 Benefit
2006 Benefit was a lot of fun and we raised another $5,000.  We served 100 lbs of smoked chicken breasts, legs & wings, vegetarian dishes, Canadian style vegetables and surprise desserts.  Bob Sterenberg provided Karkoke and Catawba Alumini stole the show with their talent.  see 2006 Benefit  SCHOLARSHIP OVER $21,500.
2007 Benefit theme was "Parrothead".  Mike Hatchell performed until the cows went home.  Amber won the Parrothead dress award.  We raised over $5,000.  
2008 Benefit was a intimate dinner on the deck.  Mike Hatchell performed his new song list.  Chef Jason Rush cooked an unbelieveable tasty menu.  We raised over 3,500.
2009, 2010 and 2011 Benefits were scaled down due to the poor economy. Most of our support is from small businesses and we did not feel it appropriate to ask for donations. We continue to support all of our sponsors and hope you will also continue to support.
2012 Benefit was another private dinner consisting of Catawba graduates of the approximate class of 2002 and a few friends. The fare was Cajun Country Boil and friendship.
TOTAL SCHOLARSHIP OVER $44,000 at this time.
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